An Unrivalled Cinematic Experience


Oct 31, 2019

An Unrivalled Cinematic Experience


VOX Cinemas at The Galleria is not only the biggest theatre in Abu Dhabi, but is also by far the best venue to catch the latest blockbusters.

It offers experiences that were previously unavailable in the capital and caters to all movie fans, from dedicated KIDS screens with adjacent party rooms, to THEATRE by Rhodes, 4DX options and the immersive flagship IMAX screen.

First, let’s look at some numbers:

21 – The number of screens at The Galleria’s VOX Cinemas, making it one of the biggest cinemas in the UAE.

417 – The number of seats in VOX Cinemas’ incredible IMAX theatre

1,700 – The number of seats across all screens

91,000 – The total size of VOX Cinemas in square feet (8,500 sq. m), larger than 2 football fields


IMAX is better. Period. From enhanced surround sound, to larger-than-life curved screens and superior image quality, there’s nothing quite like it. The 417-seater theatre at The Galleria also offers multiple levels of comfort with Premium View IMAX featuring leather seats, and the Premium View IMAX Package which adds the THEATRE by Rhodes experience to your already Premium seat.

Imax (13)_web.jpg


For those who want to live the movie, and not just watch it. VOX 4DX offers an immersive theatre experience that appeals to the senses. Visitors will become part of the on-screen action with spacious motion seats, and will be able to smell a variety of scents, feel a light breeze, turbulent storm, mist and rain drops.

THEATRE by Rhodes

Theatre by Rhodes, which also offers outdoor dining with stunning views, is the perfect pairing of fine food and film by Michelin star chef Gary Rhodes. Revolutionising the luxury cinema experience, THEATRE by Rhodes gives a whole new meaning to dinner and a movie. Enjoy the exclusive private lounge while you make your selection from the menu which includes Rhodes' lobster, Chicken Caesar tacos and foie gras panini.


For little movie fans, VOX KIDS is a unique cinema concept which combines a bright and vibrant layout with adjoining party rooms that cater to children of all ages.

Booking your tickets

Of course you can book your tickets online at, take the traditional route and pick them up at The Galleria’s VOX Cinemas or use one of the kiosks to automate the process.

But did you know you can also book your tickets right here at

Just click here to go to the booking page, or use the “Book Cinema” button in the top left of your screen or from the drop down menu if you’re on mobile.

Booking has never been easier, and film experiences have never been better.

We’ll have the popcorn ready. See you at the movies.

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