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Introducing The Empire Fine Jewellery Collection By MARLI New York

MARLI New York is pleased to announce its newest addition to its fine jewelry collections with the introduction of Empire. Designed as a tribute to New York, the Empire collection explores the Empire State of mind by combining Old New York glamour with a modern aesthetic, wondrous shine with magnificent hues, delicate details with bold designs; an invitation to realize one’s true greatness.

“I wanted to return to the meaning of New York as the Empire State and summarize its essence in three words: dreamful, dynamic, unstoppable,” says Maral Artinian, MARLI New York’s Founder & CEO. “It’s a state of mind where every dream can become reality.”

The Empire collection seeks to capture way of living where dreams are powerful and destinies can be rewritten. The ensemble of masterfully crafted 18K gold and rose gold creations plays with textures, volumes, and forms to render the city’s strength and energy. To achieve this mastery of power that sits at the core of the collection, two-tone chain links are juxtaposed with dazzling circular charms. The incorporation of a circle motif gives the creations a sense of eternity, enhanced by brilliant-cut diamonds that shine as bright as the lights of New York.

Artinian suggests that the “Empire State of mind is a lifestyle,” rather than a mindset limited by geographical borders. She imagines the possibility of acting, seeing, and experiencing the world as if one was a New Yorker, regardless of where one might be from.


What defines the assortment of necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings from other collections is the exceptional diamond-setting on the circular charms. MARLI New York’s artisans have taken the exercise even further by setting both the decorative and functional parts of the pieces. A sharp eye will notice that the chain links on a number of the bracelets and necklaces have been diamond cut.

Empire will inspire you to create and write your own rules. The addition of an extender allows wearers to transform the bracelets into necklaces. Worn on their own or stacked together, the Empire collection demonstrates a perfect sense of MARLI New York sophistication combined with time-honored fine jewelry making techniques.

Check out The Empire collection, available in Marli #AtTheGalleria.