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A Feast for the Senses

Restaurants and Cafés

Ice Taco

Offering delicious ice-cream rolls in many flavours served on a thin tasty waffle Taco!

IYKYK - If You Know You Know

Established in 2021 in Dubai, a cutting-edge coffee studio specialized in specialty coffee, Cookies, Desserts and on the go savories. IYKYK coffee is


Joga is a neighborhood eatery, serving up nutritious and wholesome hearty meals cooked with fresh quality ingredients since 2004. Sip on freshly groun


Offering a mix of new and traditional Lebanese flavours, Kababji is known for its variety of cooking methods, from Lebanese grills, an open kitchen, t

Karam Beirut Street Kitchen

Karam Beirut Street Kitchen offers a variety of Lebanese favourites, including shawarma, grilled meats, and an assortment of traditional mezza. Freshl


KAYU Bistro is a Boutique Artisan serving a wide selection of Mediterranean cuisine. We specialize in French-inspired desserts, exceptional pastries,


KFC's signature crisp, mouth-watering fried chicken is the best-loved item on the menu. All food is made with high-quality ingredients, innovative rec

Kimbo Espresso Italiano

Enhancing the authentic Italian traditions that go into its product with the most advanced technology to craft the perfect cup of espresso.